Live in or Out Nannies

A Nanny is qualified and/or very experienced within the childcare field. A Nanny will look after your child/ren in their own home. The majority of Nannies work in a sole charge capacity.

A Nanny’s role involves –

  • Plan, organise, and carry out age appropriate, stimulating activities for children.
  • Using consistent behavioural management techniques previously discussed and agreed with the parents.
  • Establish or follow children’s individual routines, responding to the children’s personal needs.
  • Discuss progress and daily activities with the parents, directly and/or through a daily Nanny diary.
  • Supervise children at all times; making sure children are always safe
  • Hygiene, food, nursery duties
  • Clean feeding equipment and sterilise if appropriate, keep children’s bathroom, potties, toilets clean.
  • Teach and encourage children basic hygiene rules and bath them regularly.
  • Perform children’s laundry – wash, iron, organise and maintain.
  • Keep toys and child related equipment in good order. They should be in good working condition and stored in an organised way.
  • Prepare nutritious healthy and varied meals for the children.
  • Follow food hygiene principles, checking all ingredients are not out of date, following standards to avoid cross contamination.
  • Be aware of food or other allergies.
  • Keep children areas clean and tidy – kitchen, play area, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Make the beds/cots on daily basis.
  • Wash and change the bedding weekly or when soiled.

Please note:

  • A Nanny is not responsible for cleaning the family home and the parent’s laundry/ironing and cooking.
  • Pets are also not their responsibility unless agreed individually during the interview.
  • Nannies are employed in a live in or live out capacity.
  • A live in Nanny typically works between 10-12 hours per day, five days a week with two nights babysitting included in their salary.
  • The Nanny will require a private separate bedroom but they should be happy to share ta bathroom with the children/family if required. Families will usually provide a television, desk and storage space in the nanny’s bedroom.
  • Families provide the nanny with food unless they require specialist specific items, i.e vegetarian or wheat, dairy free products etc.
  • A live out Nanny will come to your home for their specific working hours. They will offer flexibility where required to extend hours and most Nannies are happy to offer babysitting as an additional service, booking in advance.
  • Please call us to discuss your requirements in more depth where we will be able to offer further information and advice.