Maternity Nurse or Night Nanny

Maternity Nurse –

Maternity nannies or nurses are someone who comes to your home after your baby is born and helps in the first weeks or months of a newborn baby’s life. Their role is one of support, guidance and care for both Mum and new baby. She is able to teach and guide a new mum thus giving her confidence and reassurance with her baby. A mum who has undergone a C-section or difficult birth will need more recovery time and everyday help (not being able to lift or drive for six weeks) so will benefit enormously from the support of a Maternity Nurse.

Maternity nannies or nurses tend to work 24 hours a day, (with a 2-4 hour break each day) 5 or 6 days a week, and live in with your family. They can stay with you until you are comfortable with your new baby. Generally we recommend that this is from four to six weeks, but some maternity nurses stay for less or longer.

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Night Nannies

Our extremely experienced night nannies with help with all the night time car, including breastfeeding and sleep routines.

Or if you are looking to wean your baby off breastfeeding or a dummy, a night nanny can provide practical help and support during the difficult time.

Are you exhausted? Do you need some uninterrupted sleep? a night nanny could be what you need! They will take care of all night duties, leaving you to get unbroken much needed sleep.

A night nanny normally works from 8pm through to the morning.